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Each session must be created and then activated.

To create a session, use IRTCClient::CreateSession.

To activate a session, after the connection is established, use IRTCSession::AddParticipant.

If the URI is an email address or telephone number, the session is initiated through the SIP proxy server.

If the IP address or machine name is entered, a direct peer-to-peer communication link is set up. A SIP proxy is not used and is not required.

Windows Embedded CE supports the following types of sessions.

Session type Definition


An audio, video, or both audio and video communication between two computers.


An audio communication initiated from a computer to a PSTN device.


An audio call between two or more PSTN devices.


A session that allows two participants to communicate through real-time text-based messages.


A session that allows two or more participants to communicate through real-time text-based messages.


The application handles the session negotiations for the session.

For information about the server requirements for a SIP session, see SIP Server Requirements.

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