Telephony API

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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


The Telephony API implementation is a subset of the Microsoft Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) version 2.0 and some parts of TAPI version 2.1. TAPI provides an application programming interface (API) that simplifies and abstracts the details of making telephony connections between two or more devices. TAPI abstracts call-control functionality to allow different, and seemingly incompatible, communication protocols to expose a common interface to applications through its support of telephony service providers (TSPs).

For Windows Mobile devices, attempting to make cellular connections directly through TAPI is not supported Cellular connections should be made through Connection Manager.

In This Section

  • TAPI Application Development
    Provides an overview of the architecture of TAPI 2.0. Provides a detailed description of line devices and phone devices. Shows how to use the TAPI application programming interface to establish a modem connection. Provides a comprehensive overview of the Telephony Services Provider Interface (TSPI) support in Windows Embedded CE.
  • TAPI Migration
    Provides information about issues to consider when migrating to a newer version of Windows Mobile.
  • TAPI Reference
    Provides information on programming elements available for TAPI.
  • TSPI Reference
    Provides information on programming elements available for TSPI.
  • CellCore
    Describes CellCore which provides a basic set of wireless connection oriented services.
  • Phone
    Provides information on the phone APIs.