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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


This function returns the results of a VerifyUserAsync call. This function should not be called until after hLASS has been signaled.


BOOL LASSGetResult (
  LASSHandle hLASS


  • hLASS
    [in] The LASSHandle to query for results.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if the value has been returned successfully, and FALSE otherwise. To get extended error information, the application should call GetLastError. The following table shows the most common error codes:

Value Description


User has called LASSGetResult before the results are ready.

All other errors

Error messages returned by the LAP. For more possible returned error codes, see VerifyUser.


Header lap.h
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 6 Classic and later, Windows Mobile 6 Professional and later, Windows Mobile 6 Standard and later

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