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Microsoft Specific**

Starts execution of the virtual machine guest code that corresponds to the specified virtual machine control block (VMCB).


void __svm_vmrun(  
   size_t VmcbPhysicalAddress  


Parameter Description
[in] VmcbPhysicalAddress The physical address of the VMCB.


The __svm_vmrun function uses a minimal amount of information in the VMCB to begin executing the virtual machine guest code. Use the __svm_vmsave or __svm_vmload function if you require more information to handle a complex interrupt or to switch to another guest.

The __svm_vmrun function is equivalent to the VMRUN machine instruction. This function supports the interaction of a host's virtual machine monitor with a guest operating system and its applications. For more information, search for the document, "AMD64 Architecture Programmer's Manual Volume 2: System Programming," document number 24593, revision 3.11 or later, at the AMD corporation site.


Intrinsic Architecture
__svm_vmrun x86, x64

Header file <intrin.h>

END Microsoft Specific

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