RequestedAuthenticationContext.Comparison Property


Gets or sets the comparison rule used by the responder to match the references. [SamlCore,]

Namespace:   Microsoft.IdentityServer.Protocols.Saml
Assembly:  Microsoft.IdentityServer (in Microsoft.IdentityServer.dll)


public AuthenticationContextComparisonType Comparison { get; set; }
property AuthenticationContextComparisonType Comparison {
    AuthenticationContextComparisonType get();
    void set(AuthenticationContextComparisonType value);
member Comparison : AuthenticationContextComparisonType with get, set
Public Property Comparison As AuthenticationContextComparisonType

Property Value

Type: Microsoft.IdentityServer.Protocols.Saml.AuthenticationContextComparisonType

A AuthenticationContextComparisonType value that represents the comparison rule. The default is Exact.


Exception Condition

An attempt to set the property to a value that is not one of the AuthenticationContextComparisonType values occurs.


The Comparison property specifies how AD FS 2.0 evaluates the authentication context classes in the References collection to determine how to authenticate the user. The relative strength of different authentication context classes is determined according to the order in which they are specified in the Authentication Context Order settings. For more information about the Authentication Context Order settings, see Supported SAML Authentication Context Classes and Strengths.

For more information about how to use the RequestedAuthenticationContext class including code samples, see IdpInitiatedSignOnPage Class Overview

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