Property Overrides Dialog Box

Use the Property Overrides dialog box to override existing property values for a specific target device.


You must apply device filters to the control using the Applied Device Filters dialog box before you can override properties for a given device. Overridden property values are not rendered in Design view. You will need to view them on an appropriate emulator or target device.

To access this dialog box

  1. In Visual Studio, open or create a mobile Web page.

  2. Switch to Design view.

  3. From the Mobile Web Forms tab of the Toolbox, drag a non-container control, such as the List or ObjectList control, into the form on the page.

  4. In the Properties window, in the (PropertyOverrides) box, click the ellipsis button (ASP.NET Mobile Designer ellipse).


UI Elements

  • Applied Device Filter
    Enables you to set the applied device filter for which you want to define property overrides. If you need to add a device filter to the list, click Edit.

  • Edit (Applied Device Filter)
    Opens the Applied Device Filters dialog box in order to modify the list of applied device filters for the control.

  • Device-Specific Properties
    Displays all properties that can be overridden. Configure properties the same way you configure them in the Properties window. The properties that you explicitly set become overridden properties for the selected device filter (and selected style, in the case of a StyleSheet control).


If you delete the value of an overridden property and do not specify another value, the property will contain an empty string. To remove the overridden value so that the property will no longer be overridden, you must enter the exact value of that property.

For example, suppose that the default text for a Label control's Text property is the string "Please enter a text string:" and the overridden value for a particular device filter is "Enter a string:". To remove the overridden value, you must open the Property Overrides dialog box for the device filter and set the Text() property to "Please enter a text string:".

An alternative way to remove overridden property values is to delete the property override directly in Source view.

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