Monitoring Concepts

AppFabric provides new options and tools for you to monitor and troubleshoot the health of your deployed WCF and WF services. The monitoring features support centralized event collection and analysis for WCF and WF services running on a single server.

The monitoring features include the following:

  • A monitoring infrastructure that collects events from WCF and WF services and stores them in a Monitoring database.

  • A Monitoring database schema for instrumentation data. The Monitoring database stores instrumentation from WCF and WF services in one unified data store. A group of cmdlets is provided to manage the Monitoring database.

  • An ApplicationServer module for Windows PowerShell that exposes monitoring cmdlets used to manage the Monitoring database and event collector sources.

  • An ApplicationServer module for Windows PowerShell that exposes tracing cmdlets, which you can use to configure tracing profiles, enable or disable tracing, and query trace logs.

  • A Monitoring Dashboard and other extensions to the IIS Manager console. You can use the Monitoring Dashboard to view selected metrics from the Monitoring database. You can use the IIS Manager extensions to manage monitoring databases, set the monitoring level, and query and analyze tracked events.

The topics in this section help you to understand the architecture of the monitoring features included in AppFabric, and their relationship to features and tools in the .NET Framework.

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