Management Tools

AppFabric provides simple, yet powerful ways to manage the AppFabric system and WCF and WF applications services. This is accomplished through the AppFabric management tools UI and the scripting API layer. The management tools are:

  • An AppFabric Setup Wizard that you can use to install AppFabric, add features to or remove features from the AppFabric installation, or upgrade AppFabric.

  • An AppFabric Configuration Wizard that you can use to configure AppFabric hosting and caching features.

  • AppFabric IIS Manager extensions that you can use to manage applications built from WCF and/or WF services.

  • Windows PowerShell cmdlets for AppFabric that you can use to perform management tasks on applications and services. You can do so interactively in the Windows PowerShell console, or script management tasks with cmdlets. These cmdlets provide the functionality behind much of the AppFabric application management UI.

To open the AppFabric management tools UI, click Start, All Programs, and then Windows Server AppFabric.

You can also use the Windows Server Manager to work with AppFabric. Open the Server Manager by clicking Start, Administrative Tools, and then Server Manager. "Windows Server AppFabric" is listed under the Application Server node under Roles. You can right-click the Windows Server AppFabric entry to display commands for opening IIS Manager with AppFabric extensions or the Windows PowerShell cmdlets for AppFabric. In the center pane, you can also find links to online resources and administrator tips.


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