Clean AutoStart Configuration Before Uninstalling Windows Server AppFabric

Application pools will not autostart after reinstallation of AppFabric. When AppFabric is uninstalled, application pools that were set up to use Autostart stop working because the serviceAutoStartMode attribute is no longer valid in applicationHost.config. When you reinstall AppFabric, application pools that are set up to use Autostart will not start.

To resolve this issue

You can prevent this issue from happening by removing Autostart attributes from the applicationHost.config file before uninstalling AppFabric. This will ensure that you have no downtime due to misconfigured application pools. Remove the following application pool atttributes:

  • serviceAutoStartEnabled=”true”

  • serviceAutoStartMode=”Custom | All”

  • serviceAutoStartProvider=”Service”

You can resolve this issue after AppFabric reinstallation by running an iisreset command.