Using Windows PowerShell Cmdlets in AppFabric

AppFabric provides you with Windows PowerShell cmdlets specifically designed for managing applications based on WCF and WF services.

Using AppFabric Cmdlets

You can invoke Windows PowerShell cmdlets either interactively using the Windows PowerShell console or through scripts. This brings the power of the .NET Framework to command-line users as well as script writers. For a description of how to run the AppFabric cmdlets interactively in the Windows PowerShell console, see Running AppFabric Cmdlets.

One way to enhance the usefulness of a cmdlet is to combine that cmdlet with another cmdlet. You can do so by passing the results of one cmdlet to another cmdlet by combining the two statements with a single command. This process is called piping. For more information about combining cmdlets, see Combining Cmdlets Using Piping.

Just as you can use the IIS Manager to manage WCF- and WF-based services and applications from a remote location, so can you manage services and applications by invoking AppFabric cmdlets or executing scripts that include cmdlets from a remote location. For more information about how to set up remote management for AppFabric using AppFabric cmdlets, see Setting Up Windows PowerShell Remoting.

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