ASP.NET Mobile Controls QuickStart

The ASP.NET Mobile Controls QuickStart Tutorial is a set of samples and supporting documentation designed to quickly acquaint you with the ASP.NET mobile controls. The QuickStart Tutorial samples are designed to be short, easy-to-understand illustrations of features of the mobile controls. By the time you complete the QuickStart Tutorial, you will be able to build fully functioning ASP.NET mobile Web pages.

What Level of Expertise Is Assumed in the QuickStart?

The ASP.NET mobile controls are part of the Microsoft ASP.NET page framework. Before you begin, familiarize yourself with writing ASP.NET Web applications by completing the ASP.NET 2.0 QuickStart Tutorial.

Working with the QuickStart Samples

The QuickStart Tutorial samples are best experienced in the presented sequence. Each section assumes that you are familiar with concepts presented in earlier sections. The topic How to: Work with Emulators and Browsers provides more information on how to obtain and use device browser emulators.

Browsing the ASP.NET Mobile Controls QuickStart Web Page

To browse the QuickStart Tutorial, enter the following in your browser:


The Mobile Controls QuickStart Tutorial is available only if you have installed it on your computer.

Browsing the ASP.NET Mobile Controls QuickStart on the Internet

To browse the Mobile Controls QuickStart Tutorial on the Internet, browse to the Mobile Internet QuickStart Tutorial Web site.

Topics in the QuickStart Tutorial

The Mobile Internet Toolkit QuickStart Tutorial contains the following information:

Getting Started

  • Introduction

  • The Mobile Internet Toolkit

  • Viewing the Samples

Mobile Web Form Basics

  • Introducing Mobile Web Forms

  • Handling User Input

  • List Controls

Advanced Topics

  • Styles and Style Sheets

  • Automatic Pagination

  • Device-Specific Content

  • Image, AdRotator, Calendar, and PhoneCall

  • Writing Your Own Controls

Writing Mobile Applications

  • Managing Application State

  • Using Mobile Capabilities

  • Security

  • Localizing Mobile Applications

Samples and Resources

  • Writing an E-Mail Control

  • Writing a TimerForm Control

  • FM Expense Reporting

  • IBuySpy Mobile Portal

  • Other Resources