Adding Client Script to ASP.NET Web Applications

In addition to using AJAX features of ASP.NET to add client functionality to ASP.NET Web applications, you can create client script yourself and use it to enhance the functionality of ASP.NET Web pages and Web server controls. This option is practical if you want to include only severalsmall pieces of JavaScript code or if you are working with JavaScript code that you already have. This option also helps keep the size of your ASP.NET Web pages to a minimum.

The topics in this provide information about how to integrate your own client script into Web applications, without using AJAX features. They also include information about how existing ASP.NET server controls inherently use client script.

In This Section

Client Script in ASP.NET Web Pages

Provides information about when and how to include client script in ASP.NET Web pages.

Implementing Client Callbacks Programmatically Without Postbacks in ASP.NET Web Pages

Provides information about how to programmatically perform asynchronous requests to ASP.NET Web pages, without using AJAX features.