System.Web.Mvc.Html Namespace


The System.Web.Mvc.Html namespace contains classes that help render HTML controls in an MVC application. The namespace includes classes that support forms, input controls, links, partial views, validation, and more.


Class Description
System_CAPS_pubclass ChildActionExtensions

Represents support for calling child action methods and rendering the result inline in a parent view.

System_CAPS_pubclass DisplayExtensions

Represents support for rendering object values as HTML.

System_CAPS_pubclass DisplayNameExtensions

Provides a mechanism to get display names.

System_CAPS_pubclass DisplayTextExtensions

Provides a way to render object values as HTML.

System_CAPS_pubclass EditorExtensions

Represents support for the HTML input element in an application.

System_CAPS_pubclass EnumHelper

Provides methods for working with enumeration values and select lists.

System_CAPS_pubclass FormExtensions

Represents support for HTML in an application.

System_CAPS_pubclass InputExtensions

Represents support for HTML input controls in an application.

System_CAPS_pubclass LabelExtensions

Represents support for the HTML label element in an ASP.NET MVC view.

System_CAPS_pubclass LinkExtensions

Represents support for HTML links in an application.

System_CAPS_pubclass MvcForm

Represents an HTML form element in an MVC view.

System_CAPS_pubclass NameExtensions

Gets the HTML ID and name attributes of the HtmlHelper string.

System_CAPS_pubclass PartialExtensions

Represents the functionality to render a partial view as an HTML-encoded string.

System_CAPS_pubclass RenderPartialExtensions

Provides support for rendering a partial view.

System_CAPS_pubclass SelectExtensions

Represents support for making selections in a list.

System_CAPS_pubclass TextAreaExtensions

Represents support for HTML textarea controls.

System_CAPS_pubclass ValidationExtensions

Provides support for validating the input from an HTML form.

System_CAPS_pubclass ValueExtensions

Provides a mechanism to create custom HTML markup compatible with the ASP.NET MVC model binders and templates.

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