AuthenticationHandler<TOptions> Class


Base class for the per-request work performed by most authentication middleware.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Owin.Security.Infrastructure
Assembly:  Microsoft.Owin.Security (in Microsoft.Owin.Security.dll)

Inheritance Hierarchy



public abstract class AuthenticationHandler<TOptions> : AuthenticationHandler
where TOptions : AuthenticationOptions
generic<typename TOptions>
where TOptions : AuthenticationOptions
public ref class AuthenticationHandler abstract : AuthenticationHandler
type AuthenticationHandler<'TOptions when 'TOptions : AuthenticationOptions> = 
        inherit AuthenticationHandler
Public MustInherit Class AuthenticationHandler(Of TOptions As AuthenticationOptions)
    Inherits AuthenticationHandler

Type Parameters

  • TOptions
    Specifies which type for of AuthenticationOptions property


Name Description
System_CAPS_protmethod AuthenticationHandler<TOptions>()

Initializes a new instance of the AuthenticationHandler<TOptions> class.


Name Description
System_CAPS_protproperty Context

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_protproperty Faulted

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_protproperty Helper

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_protproperty Options

System_CAPS_protproperty Request

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_protproperty RequestPathBase

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_protproperty Response

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)


Name Description
System_CAPS_protmethod ApplyResponseChallengeAsync()

Override this method to dela with 401 challenge concerns, if an authentication scheme in question deals an authentication interaction as part of it's request flow. (like adding a response header, or changing the 401 result to 302 of a login page or external sign-in location.)(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_protmethod ApplyResponseCoreAsync()

Core method that may be overridden by handler. The default behavior is to call two common response activities, one that deals with sign-in/sign-out concerns, and a second to deal with 401 challenges.(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_protmethod ApplyResponseGrantAsync()

Override this method to dela with sign-in/sign-out concerns, if an authentication scheme in question deals with grant/revoke as part of it's request flow. (like setting/deleting cookies)(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_pubmethod AuthenticateAsync()

Causes the authentication logic in AuthenticateCore to be performed for the current request at most once and returns the results. Calling Authenticate more than once will always return the original value. This method should always be called instead of calling AuthenticateCore directly.(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_protmethod AuthenticateCoreAsync()

The core authentication logic which must be provided by the handler. Will be invoked at most once per request. Do not call directly, call the wrapping Authenticate method instead.(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_protmethod BaseInitializeAsync(AuthenticationOptions, IOwinContext)

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_pubmethod Equals(Object)

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System_CAPS_protmethod Finalize()

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System_CAPS_protmethod GenerateCorrelationId(AuthenticationProperties)

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_pubmethod GetHashCode()

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System_CAPS_pubmethod GetType()

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System_CAPS_protmethod InitializeCoreAsync()

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_pubmethod InvokeAsync()

Called once by common code after initialization. If an authentication middleware responds directly to specifically known paths it must override this virtual, compare the request path to it's known paths, provide any response information as appropriate, and true to stop further processing.(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_protmethod MemberwiseClone()

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System_CAPS_protmethod TeardownCoreAsync()

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

System_CAPS_pubmethod ToString()

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System_CAPS_protmethod ValidateCorrelationId(AuthenticationProperties, ILogger)

(Inherited from AuthenticationHandler.)

Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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