SignInManager<TUser, TKey> Class


Manages Sign In operations for users

Namespace:   Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Owin
Assembly:  Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Owin (in Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Owin.dll)

Inheritance Hierarchy

  Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Owin.SignInManager<TUser, TKey>


public class SignInManager<TUser, TKey> : IDisposable
where TUser : class, IUser<TKey>
where TKey : object, IEquatable<TKey>
generic<typename TUser, typename TKey>
where TUser : ref class, IUser<TKey>
where TKey : Object, IEquatable<TKey>
public ref class SignInManager : IDisposable
type SignInManager<'TUser, 'TKey when 'TUser : not struct and IUser<'TKey> when 'TKey : Object and IEquatable<'TKey>> = 
        interface IDisposable
Public Class SignInManager(Of TUser As { Class, IUser(Of TKey) }, TKey As { Object, IEquatable(Of TKey) })
    Implements IDisposable

Type Parameters

  • TUser
  • TKey


Name Description
System_CAPS_pubmethod SignInManager<TUser, TKey>(UserManager<TUser, TKey>, IAuthenticationManager)



Name Description
System_CAPS_pubproperty AuthenticationManager

Used to sign in identities

System_CAPS_pubproperty AuthenticationType

AuthenticationType that will be used by sign in, defaults to DefaultAuthenticationTypes.ApplicationCookie

System_CAPS_pubproperty UserManager

Used to operate on users


Name Description
System_CAPS_pubmethod ConvertIdFromString(String)

Convert a string id to the proper TKey using Convert.ChangeType

System_CAPS_pubmethod ConvertIdToString(TKey)

Convert a TKey userId to a string, by default this just calls ToString()

System_CAPS_pubmethod CreateUserIdentityAsync(TUser)

Called to generate the ClaimsIdentity for the user, override to add additional claims before SignIn

System_CAPS_pubmethod Dispose()


System_CAPS_protmethod Dispose(Boolean)

If disposing, calls dispose on the Context. Always nulls out the Context

System_CAPS_pubmethod Equals(Object)

(Inherited from Object.)

System_CAPS_pubmethod ExternalSignInAsync(ExternalLoginInfo, Boolean)

Sign the user in using an associated external login

System_CAPS_protmethod Finalize()

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System_CAPS_pubmethod GetHashCode()

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System_CAPS_pubmethod GetType()

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System_CAPS_pubmethod GetVerifiedUserIdAsync()

Get the user id that has been verified already or null.

System_CAPS_pubmethod HasBeenVerifiedAsync()

Has the user been verified (ie either via password or external login)

System_CAPS_protmethod MemberwiseClone()

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System_CAPS_pubmethod PasswordSignInAsync(String, String, Boolean, Boolean)

Sign in the user in using the user name and password

System_CAPS_pubmethod SendTwoFactorCodeAsync(String)

Send a two factor code to a user

System_CAPS_pubmethod SignInAsync(TUser, Boolean, Boolean)

Creates a user identity and then signs the identity using the AuthenticationManager

System_CAPS_pubmethod ToString()

(Inherited from Object.)

System_CAPS_pubmethod TwoFactorSignInAsync(String, String, Boolean, Boolean)

Two factor verification step

Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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