System.Net.Http.Formatting Namespace


The System.Net.Http.Formatting contains classes for serializing and deserializing HTTP message body in a format based on the requested media type.


Class Description
System_CAPS_pubclass BaseJsonMediaTypeFormatter

Abstract media type formatter class to support Bson and Json.

System_CAPS_pubclass BsonMediaTypeFormatter

Represents a media type formatter to handle Bson.

System_CAPS_pubclass BufferedMediaTypeFormatter

Represents a helper class to allow a synchronous formatter on top of the asynchronous formatter infrastructure.

System_CAPS_pubclass ContentNegotiationResult

Represents the result of content negotiation performed using <see cref="M:System.Net.Http.Formatting.IContentNegotiator.Negotiate(System.Type,System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage,System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable{System.Net.Http.Formatting.MediaTypeFormatter})" />

System_CAPS_pubclass DefaultContentNegotiator

The default implementation of IContentNegotiator, which is used to select a MediaTypeFormatter for an HttpRequestMessage or HttpResponseMessage.

System_CAPS_pubclass DelegatingEnumerable<T>

Helper class to serialize <see cref="T:System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1" /> types by delegating them through a concrete implementation."/&gt;.

System_CAPS_pubclass FormDataCollection

Represent the collection of form data.

System_CAPS_pubclass FormUrlEncodedMediaTypeFormatter

MediaTypeFormatter class for handling HTML form URL-ended data, also known as application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

System_CAPS_pubclass JsonContractResolver

Represents the default IContractResolver used by JsonMediaTypeFormatter. It uses the formatter's IRequiredMemberSelector to select required members and recognizes the SerializableAttribute type annotation.

System_CAPS_pubclass JsonMediaTypeFormatter

Represents the MediaTypeFormatter class to handle JSON.

System_CAPS_pubclass MediaTypeFormatter

Base class to handle serializing and deserializing strongly-typed objects using ObjectContent.

System_CAPS_pubclass MediaTypeFormatterCollection

Collection class that contains MediaTypeFormatter instances.

System_CAPS_pubclass MediaTypeFormatterExtensions

Represents extensions for adding MediaTypeMapping items to a MediaTypeFormatter.

System_CAPS_pubclass MediaTypeFormatterMatch

This class describes how well a particular MediaTypeFormatter matches a request.

System_CAPS_pubclass MediaTypeMapping

An abstract base class used to create an association between HttpRequestMessage or HttpResponseMessage instances that have certain characteristics and a specific MediaTypeHeaderValue.

System_CAPS_pubclass QueryStringMapping

Class that provides MediaTypeHeaderValues from query strings.

System_CAPS_pubclass RequestHeaderMapping

This class provides a mapping from an arbitrary HTTP request header field to a MediaTypeHeaderValue used to select MediaTypeFormatter instances for handling the entity body of an HttpRequestMessage or HttpResponseMessage. <remarks>This class only checks header fields associated with M:HttpRequestMessage.Headers for a match. It does not check header fields associated with M:HttpResponseMessage.Headers or M:HttpContent.Headers instances.</remarks>

System_CAPS_pubclass UriPathExtensionMapping

Provides MediaTypeHeaderValues from path extensions appearing in a Uri.

System_CAPS_pubclass XmlHttpRequestHeaderMapping

A RequestHeaderMapping that maps the X-Requested-With http header field set by AJAX XmlHttpRequest (XHR) to the media type application/json if no explicit Accept header fields are present in the request.

System_CAPS_pubclass XmlMediaTypeFormatter

MediaTypeFormatter class to handle Xml.


Interface Description
System_CAPS_pubinterface IContentNegotiator

Performs content negotiation. This is the process of selecting a response writer (formatter) in compliance with header values in the request.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IFormatterLogger

Specifies a callback interface that a formatter can use to log errors while reading.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IRequiredMemberSelector

Defines method that determines whether a given member is required on deserialization.


Enumeration Description
System_CAPS_pubenum MediaTypeFormatterMatchRanking

Contains information about the degree to which a MediaTypeFormatter matches the explicit or implicit preferences found in an incoming request.

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