HttpConfiguration.MessageHandlers Property

Gets an ordered list of DelegatingHandler instances to be invoked as an HttpRequestMessage travels up the stack and an HttpResponseMessage travels down in stack in return.

Namespace:  System.Web.Http
Assembly:  System.Web.Http (in System.Web.Http.dll)


Public ReadOnly Property MessageHandlers As Collection(Of DelegatingHandler)
Dim instance As HttpConfiguration
Dim value As Collection(Of DelegatingHandler)

value = instance.MessageHandlers
public Collection<DelegatingHandler> MessageHandlers { get; }
property Collection<DelegatingHandler^>^ MessageHandlers {
    Collection<DelegatingHandler^>^ get ();
member MessageHandlers : Collection<DelegatingHandler>
function get MessageHandlers () : Collection<DelegatingHandler>

Property Value

Type: System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection<DelegatingHandler>
The message handler collection.

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