Bundle.GenerateBundleResponse Method

Processes the bundle request to generate the response.

Namespace:  System.Web.Optimization
Assembly:  System.Web.Optimization (in System.Web.Optimization.dll)


Public Overridable Function GenerateBundleResponse ( _
    context As BundleContext _
) As BundleResponse
Dim instance As Bundle 
Dim context As BundleContext 
Dim returnValue As BundleResponse 

returnValue = instance.GenerateBundleResponse(context)
public virtual BundleResponse GenerateBundleResponse(
    BundleContext context
virtual BundleResponse^ GenerateBundleResponse(
    BundleContext^ context
abstract GenerateBundleResponse : 
        context:BundleContext -> BundleResponse  
override GenerateBundleResponse : 
        context:BundleContext -> BundleResponse
public function GenerateBundleResponse(
    context : BundleContext
) : BundleResponse


Return Value

Type: System.Web.Optimization.BundleResponse
A BundleResponse object containing the processed bundle contents.


Generating the bundle response is accomplished based on the following steps: 1. Enumerates the contents of the bundle. 2. Filters the files using the IgnoreList 3. Orders the files. 4. Chooses any replacements using the FileExtensionReplacementList. 5. Builds the bundle content using the Builder. 6. Transforms the bundle using the Transform.

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