Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.Facebook Namespace


  Class Description
Public class FacebookAuthorizeAttribute Restricts the access to requests with valid Facebook signed request parameter and to users that have the required permissions. This attribute can be declared on a controller, an action or both.
Public class FacebookConfiguration Configuration for the Facebook application.
Public class FacebookConnection<T> Model for the Facebook object connection.
Public class FacebookContext Provides access to Facebook-specific information.
Public class FacebookFieldModifierAttribute Allows adding field modifiers when querying Facebook Graph API.
Public class FacebookGroupConnection<T> Model for the Facebook object connection when it contains a collection.
Public class FacebookHtmlHelperExtensions Facebook-related extension methods for HtmlHelper .
Public class FacebookRedirectContext Provides access to the data redirected from FacebookAuthorizeFilter .
Public class GlobalFacebookConfiguration Provides a global FacebookConfiguration for ASP.NET applications.
Public class PreApplicationStartCode Code that will be executed before application start.