Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR Namespace

.NET Framework 4.5

The Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR namespace provides classes that simplifies the process of adding real-time web functionality.


  Class Description
Public class AuthorizeAttribute Apply to Hubs and Hub methods to authorize client connections to Hubs and authorize client invocations of Hub methods.
Public class ConnectionConfiguration Represents a connection configuration.
Public class ConnectionExtensions Provides extension methods used to send message to all connections that subscribe to specific signal.
Public class Cookie Represents the cookie of the SignalR.
Public class DefaultDependencyResolver Represents a dependency resolver with default behavior.
Public class DependencyResolverExtensions No content here will be updated; please do not add material here.
Public class GlobalHost Provides access to default host information.
Public class GroupManager Manages groups for a connection.
Public class Hub Provides methods that communicate with SignalR connections that connected to a Hub.
Public class HubConfiguration Represents a hub configuration.
Public class HubException
Public class HubPipelineExtensions Provides extension methods to add custom functionality to the data types.
Public class PersistentConnection Represents a connection between client and server.
Public class RedisScaleoutConfiguration Settings for the Redis scale-out message bus implementation.
Public class ServiceBusScaleoutConfiguration Provides settings for the Service Bus scale-out message bus implementation.
Public class SqlScaleoutConfiguration Settings for the SQL Server scale-out message bus implementation.


  Structure Description
Public structure ConnectionMessage A message sent to one or more connections.


  Interface Description
Public interface IConnection A communication channel for a PersistentConnection and its connections.
Public interface IConnectionGroupManager Manages groups for a connection and allows sending messages to the group.
Public interface IDependencyResolver Provides an interface that represents the dependency resolver for SignalR.
Public interface IGroupManager Manages groups for a connection.
Public interface IHubContext Provides access to information about a IHub.
Public interface IPersistentConnectionContext Provides access to information about a PersistentConnection .
Public interface IRequest Represents a SignalR request.
Public interface IUserIdProvider