Visual SourceSafe for Web Site Source Control

If you are using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) as your source control system, Visual Web Developer exposes some additional functionality that is not available for all source control providers. The following table lists additional commands that are available in Visual Web Developer if VSS is your source control provider.



Opening a Web site

You can open the Web site from source code control directly from the Open Web Site dialog box, much as you would open any local Web site. VSS adds a tab named Source Control to the Open Web Site dialog box. The tab displays a button that enables you to select a VSS project to open.

Starting Visual SourceSafe (Source Control menu)

You can start VSS directly from Visual Web Developer. VSS adds a command named Launch Microsoft Visual SourceSafe to the Source Control menu, making it easier to manage your source control projects.

History (Source Control menu)

The History command provides a convenient way for you to examine, within Visual Web Developer, the check-in history of any file under source control.

Compare (Source Control menu)

The Compare command reads a file on your computer and a file in the source control repository and reports the differences between the files in a two-pane window similar to WinDiff.exe.

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