Server Control Simple Properties and Subproperties

This section contains two samples. The first demonstrates how to implement simple properties and subproperties in server controls. The terms "simple" and "subproperties" are defined in the sample topic. The second shows how to implement a type converter for a custom type. Type converters perform conversions from a string representation to a given type and vice versa.

In This Section

  • Server Control Properties Example
    This sample shows how to create a control named Book that persists simple properties and properties that have subproperties.

  • Type Converter Example
    This example shows how to create a type converter named AuthorConverter, whichis used with the Author object from other control-authoring examples.

  • Server Control Custom State Management
    These topics demonstrate how to implement state management for a property that has subproperties.

  • Server Control Collection Properties
    These topics demonstrate how to implement collection properties in a server control and how to implement a custom collection editor that allows items to be added to the collection at design time.