AppBuilder.Build Method (Type)


The Build is called at the point when all of the middleware should be chained together. This is typically done by the hosting component which created the app builder, and does not need to be called by the startup method if the IAppBuilder is passed in.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Owin.Builder
Assembly:  Microsoft.Owin (in Microsoft.Owin.dll)


public object Build(
    Type returnType
virtual Object^ Build(
    Type^ returnType
) sealed
abstract Build : 
        returnType:Type -> Object
override Build : 
        returnType:Type -> Object
Public Function Build (
    returnType As Type
) As Object


  • returnType
    Type: System.Type

    The Type argument indicates which calling convention should be returned, and is typically typeof(<typeref name="Func&lt;IDictionary&lt;string,object&gt;, Task&gt;"/>) for the OWIN calling convention.

Return Value

Type: System.Object

Returns an instance of the pipeline's entry point. This object may be safely cast to the type which was provided



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