OAuthAuthorizationServerOptions.ApplicationCanDisplayErrors Property


Set to true if the web application is able to render error messages on the /Authorize endpoint. This is only needed for cases where the browser is not redirected back to the client application, for example, when the client_id or redirect_uri are incorrect. The /Authorize endpoint should expect to see "oauth.Error", "oauth.ErrorDescription", "oauth.ErrorUri" properties added to the owin environment.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Owin.Security.OAuth
Assembly:  Microsoft.Owin.Security.OAuth (in Microsoft.Owin.Security.OAuth.dll)


public bool ApplicationCanDisplayErrors { get; set; }
property bool ApplicationCanDisplayErrors {
    bool get();
    void set(bool value);
member ApplicationCanDisplayErrors : bool with get, set
Public Property ApplicationCanDisplayErrors As Boolean

Property Value

Type: System.Boolean

Returns Boolean.

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