MapWhenExtensions.MapWhen Method (IAppBuilder, Func<IOwinContext, Boolean>, Action<IAppBuilder>)


Branches the request pipeline based on the result of the given predicate.

Namespace:   Owin
Assembly:  Microsoft.Owin (in Microsoft.Owin.dll)


public static IAppBuilder MapWhen(
    this IAppBuilder app,
    Func<IOwinContext, bool> predicate,
    Action<IAppBuilder> configuration
static IAppBuilder^ MapWhen(
    IAppBuilder^ app,
    Func<IOwinContext^, bool>^ predicate,
    Action<IAppBuilder^>^ configuration
static member MapWhen : 
        app:IAppBuilder *
        predicate:Func<IOwinContext, bool> *
        configuration:Action<IAppBuilder> -> IAppBuilder
Public Shared Function MapWhen (
    app As IAppBuilder,
    predicate As Func(Of IOwinContext, Boolean),
    configuration As Action(Of IAppBuilder)
) As IAppBuilder


  • app
    Type: Owin.IAppBuilder
  • configuration
    Type: System.Action<IAppBuilder>

    Configures a branch to take

Return Value

Type: Owin.IAppBuilder

Returns IAppBuilder.

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