Enable live updates in Azure Boards

TFS 2017

Enable live updates to automatically refresh your Kanban board when changes occur. As other team members move or reorder cards, your board will automatically update with the changes. With live updates enabled, you no longer have to press F5 to see the latest changes.


Boards are automatically created when you create a project or add a team. Each team has access to their own product and portfolio boards as described in About teams and Agile tools.

  • You must connect to a project. If you don't have a project yet, create one.
  • You must be added to a team or project.
  • To add work items and exercise all board features, you must be granted Basic access or higher.
  • To view or modify work items, your View work items in this node and Edit work items in this node permissions set to Allow. By default, the Contributors group has this permission set. To learn more, see Set permissions and access for work tracking.
  • Users with Stakeholder access can't exercise these board features: add work items, drag-and-drop work items to update status, or update fields displayed on cards. They can add tasks and change task status.

From the Kanban board, choose the Live updates icon.

Kanban board, live updates icon

As one team member updates the status of a work item, other team members will see those updates in real time as they occur.

Live update


Work items that appear on more than one team's Kanban board can yield results that don't meet your expectations because each team can customize its Kanban board columns and swimlanes. The values assigned to Kanban Board Column, Board Column Done, and Board Lane fields might differ from what you expect when another team updates the work item from a different board. To learn more, see Add, review, and update work items in Azure Boards.