Tab XML element reference

TFS 2015 | TFS 2013


This article applies to project customization for the On-premises XML process model and the old work item form. For the Hosted XML process model and TFS 2017 and later versions that use the new work item form, see WebLayout and Control elements. For the Inheritance process model, see Customize a process.

For an overview of process models, see Customize your work tracking experience.

You use the Tab element to cluster a group of fields or to support one or more special controls, such as the controls that link work items, display the work item history, or to attach files.


<Tab Label="LabelText" Padding="(left, top, right, bottom)" Margin="(left, top, right, bottom)">
   <Group> . . . </Group>
   <Control> . . . </Control>
   <TabGroup> . . . </TabGroup>
   <Splitter> . . . </Splitter>

Attributes and elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Attribute Description
Label Required TabType attribute.

The label for a set of grouped elements.
Padding Optional TabType attribute.

The amount of space in pixels around the inside border of the control.
Margin Optional TabType attribute.

The amount of space in pixels around the outside border of the control.

Child elements

Element Description
Group Optional. Defines a group of elements to display together on the form.
Control Optional. Defines a field that is to appear on the form.
TabGroup Optional. Contains one or more Tab elements.
Splitter Optional. Defines a splitter and its orientation on the form between sibling form elements.

Parent elements

Element Description
TabGroup Optional. Contains one or more Tab elements.


Tab is a required child element of TabGroup.


        . . .   
         <Tab Label="Planning">  
            <Group Label="Status" Padding="(0,0,0,3)">  
               <Column PercentWidth="100">  
                  <Control FieldName="Microsoft.DevDiv.Importance" Type="FieldControl" Label="Importance" LabelPosition="Left" />  
                  <Control FieldName="Microsoft.DevDiv.Commitment" Type="FieldControl" Label="Commitment / Confidence" LabelPosition="Left" />  
                    . . .  
         <Tab Label="Description">  
               <Column PercentWidth="100">  
                  <Control FieldName="System.Description" Type="HtmlFieldControl" Label="Value Proposition Description" LabelPosition="Top" />  
               </Column >  
 . . .