Public preview service limits


A new version of the Azure Digital Twins service has been released. In light of the new service's expanded capabilities, the original Azure Digital Twins service (described in this documentation set) will be retired by the end of year 2020.

To view the documentation for the new service, visit the active Azure Digital Twins Preview Documentation.

During the public preview, Azure Digital Twins has the following temporary subscription, instance, and rate limits for existing customers. These constraints exist to help simplify learning about the new service and its many features, and will be increased or removed by general availability (GA).

Per-subscription limits

During the public preview, each Azure subscription can create or run only one Azure Digital Twins instance at a time. If you delete your instance, you can create a new one.

Per-instance limits

In turn, each Azure Digital Twins instance can have:

  • Exactly one embedded IoTHub resource that's created automatically during service provisioning.
  • Exactly One EventHub endpoint for the event type DeviceMessage.
  • Up to three EventHub, ServiceBus, or EventGrid endpoints of the event type SensorChange, SpaceChange, TopologyOperation, or UdfCustom.


Some parameters that are usually defined in creating the above Azure IoT entities are not required during public preview.

Azure Digital Twins Management API limits

The request rate limits for your Azure Digital Twins Management API are:

  • 100 requests per second to the Azure Digital Twins Management API.
  • Up to 1,000 objects returned by a single Azure Digital Twins Management API query.


If you exceed the 1,000-object limit, you receive an error and must simplify your query.

User-defined functions rate limits

The following limits set the total number of all user-defined function calls made to your Azure Digital Twins instance:

  • 400 client library calls per second
  • 100 SendNotification calls per second


The following actions might cause additional rate limits to be applied temporarily:

  • Edits made to the topology object metadata
  • Updates made to the user-defined function definition
  • Devices that send telemetry for the first time

Device telemetry limits

The following limits cap the total number of all messages your devices can send to your Azure Digital Twins instance:

  • 100 messages per second across all devices
  • 25 messages per second per device

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