TokenCacheKey Members

Lists the elements which were used in creating token cache key.

The following tables list the members exposed by the TokenCacheKey type.

Public Constructors

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Public Properties

  Name Description
public property Authority Gets or sets the authority.
public property ClientId Gets or sets the client ID.
public property ExpiresOn Gets or sets the expiration.
public property FamilyName Gets or sets the family name.
public property GivenName Gets or sets the given name.
public property IdentityProviderName Gets or sets the name of the identity provider.
public property IsMultipleResourceRefreshToken Gets or sets a value indicating whether the RefreshToken applies to multiple resources.
public property IsUserIdDisplayable Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user Id is a displayable.
public property Resource Gets or sets the resource.
public property TenantId Gets or sets the tenant ID.
public property UserId Gets or sets the user ID.


Public Methods

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Protected Methods

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