Integrating jQuery, SharePoint 2010 and WCF Services in Windows Azure

In this unit you will learn how SharePoint AJAX Enabled Web Parts can communicate with Windows Azure Services using JQuery.

Hands-On Labs

  • Consuming an On-Premise WCF Service from SharePoint 2010 using JQuery

    SharePoint Web Parts that uses Ajax, jQuery, and the Azure AppFabric Service Bus make it easy to interact with on-premises WCF services hosted inside your protected intranet from SharePoint. 'On-Premises' means any internal WCF service which runs within the confines of a corporate intranet, or otherwise within the bounds of a server which is protected by firewalls / network address translation (NAT) and which has no public IP or direct exposure to the internet. In this lab, you will start by creating a simple WCF service hosted in a console application. Then you will create a WCF 'forwarder' service hosted in Windows Azure which will forward calls to the console WCF service via the Azure AppFabric Service Bus. Finally, you will create a SharePoint Web Part which consumes the on-premise console WCF service via routing a call through the forwarder service.

  • Consuming a Windows Azure-Hosted WCF Service from SharePoint 2010 Using JQuery

    Any SharePoint Web Part that uses HTML and JavaScript (Ex: HTML forms Web Part or a Visual Web Part) make it easy to consume WCF services using JQuery , including those hosted in Windows Azure, from SharePoint. A Silverlight Web Part may also consume a WCF service by using the HTML DOM Bridge. With this approach, Silverlight Web Parts send and receive data to the hosting SharePoint page. The hosting SharePoint page uses JQuery to communicate with the WCF services. In this lab, you will create a simple WCF service and deploy it to Windows Azure and create a HTML application which consumes the WCF service and deploy it to a SharePoint site as an HTML forms Web Part.