Windows Azure Development Overview

This unit provides an overview of the Windows Azure Platform, to understand the services Microsoft is providing as part of the Windows Azure Platform, the key concepts, and how to get started.

Hands-On Labs

  • Introduction to Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket

    In this lab you will learn about Microsoft's new information service called Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket. We'll start by exploring the developer portal and service explorer, in addition to covering consuming DataMarket datasets via managed code and PowerPivot.

  • Introduction to SQL Azure

    In this lab, you will walk through a series of simple use cases for SQL Azure such as: managing logins, creating database objects and query your database.

  • Introduction to Windows Azure

    In this hands-on lab, you will explore the basic elements of a Windows Azure service by creating a simple GuestBook application that demonstrates many features of the Windows Azure platform, including web and worker roles, blob storage, table storage, and queues.