Step 1: Set Up Your Computer



Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services (MABS) is being retired, and replaced with Azure Logic Apps. If you currently use MABS, then Move from BizTalk Services to Logic Appsprovides some guidance on moving your integration solutions to Logic Apps.

If you're brand new to Logic Apps, then we suggest getting started here:

This topic provides you with the information and pointers to set up your computer on which you will perform the steps to set up the hybrid integration scenario described in Tutorial: Using BizTalk Service Bridges to Lookup Data from Azure SQL Database. You must do the following to set up your computer:

  • Install Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services SDK. You can download the installer from You use this SDK to configure and deploy the XML One-Way Bridge that picks flat-file messages from FTP Server, processes it, routes it to a relay endpoint, which then inserts the records into a SQL Server database.

  • Install BizTalk Adapter Service. You use this to expose the Insert operation on a SQL Server database table as a relay endpoint on Service Bus. You can download the installer from Refer to the BizTalk Services installation guide at to install the software prerequisites for BizTalk Services SDK and BizTalk Adapter Service.


    Typically, if you were connecting to any other line-of-business (LOB) application by using BizTalk Adapter Service, you would also install client libraries for that specific LOB application. However, in this case, because the connection is to a SQL Server instance, explicitly installing client libraries is not required because they are already installed as part of .NET Framework.

  • Install the WCF LOB Adapter SDK. This is required for installing the Adapter Pack on the computer.

  • Install the Adapter Pack. This contains the SQL adapter that is required to establish connectivity to a SQL Server database and for exposing operations on SQL Server database tables.

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