WorkflowResourceManager.PublishActivity Method (ActivityDescription, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)

Publishes an activity.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Workflow.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.Workflow.Client (in Microsoft.Workflow.Client.dll)


Public Function PublishActivity ( _
    description As ActivityDescription, _
    validateOnly As Boolean, _
    overwriteXClassName As Boolean, _
    terminateDependentInstances As Boolean _
) As Uri
Dim instance As WorkflowResourceManager 
Dim description As ActivityDescription 
Dim validateOnly As Boolean 
Dim overwriteXClassName As Boolean 
Dim terminateDependentInstances As Boolean 
Dim returnValue As Uri 

returnValue = instance.PublishActivity(description, _
    validateOnly, overwriteXClassName, _
public Uri PublishActivity(
    ActivityDescription description,
    bool validateOnly,
    bool overwriteXClassName,
    bool terminateDependentInstances
Uri^ PublishActivity(
    ActivityDescription^ description, 
    bool validateOnly, 
    bool overwriteXClassName, 
    bool terminateDependentInstances
member PublishActivity : 
        description:ActivityDescription * 
        validateOnly:bool * 
        overwriteXClassName:bool * 
        terminateDependentInstances:bool -> Uri
public function PublishActivity(
    description : ActivityDescription, 
    validateOnly : boolean, 
    overwriteXClassName : boolean, 
    terminateDependentInstances : boolean
) : Uri


  • validateOnly
    Type: System.Boolean
    true if only the validated activities will be published; otherwise, false.
  • overwriteXClassName
    Type: System.Boolean
    true to overwrite the class name; otherwise, false.
  • terminateDependentInstances
    Type: System.Boolean
    true to terminate the dependent instances; otherwise, false.

Return Value

Type: System.Uri
The published activity.

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