Microsoft.Azure.KeyVault Namespace


Provides classes related to Microsoft Azure KeyVault.


Class Description
System_CAPS_pubclass BackupKeyResponseMessage

Represents the backup key response message.

System_CAPS_pubclass CreateKeyRequestMessage

Provides the properties used to create key request message.

System_CAPS_pubclass DeleteKeyRequestMessage

Represents the delete key request message.

System_CAPS_pubclass Error

Represents the error.

System_CAPS_pubclass ErrorResponseMessage

Represents the error response message.

System_CAPS_pubclass GetKeyResponseMessage

Represents the get key response message.

System_CAPS_pubclass HttpBearerChallenge

Represents the HTTP bearer challenge.

System_CAPS_pubclass HttpBearerChallengeCache

Provides methods for handling HTTP bearer challenge cache.

System_CAPS_pubclass ImportKeyRequestMessage

Represents the import key request message.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyAttributes

Represents the attributes of a key managed by the KeyVault service.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyBundle

Represents a KeyBundle consisting of a WebKey plus its Attributes.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyIdentifier

Represents the KeyIdentifier in the vault.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyItem

Represents the property types for the key item.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyOperationRequest

Represents the key operation request for the vault.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyOperationResult

Represents the results of the key operations.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyOpRequestMessage

Represents the key operation request message.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyOpResponseMessage

Represents the properties for the key operation response message.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyVaultClient

Provides the client class to perform cryptographic key operations and vault operations against the Key Vault service.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyVaultClientException

Represents the KeyVault Request Exception.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyVaultClientExtensions

Represents a single block of encrypted data to decrypt.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyVaultCredential

Represents the key vault credential.

System_CAPS_pubclass ListKeysResponseMessage

Represents the response message for the list of keys.

System_CAPS_pubclass ListSecretsResponseMessage

Represents the response message for list of secrets.

System_CAPS_pubclass MessagePropertyNames

Enumerates the message property names.

System_CAPS_pubclass ObjectIdentifier

Represents the object identifier.

System_CAPS_pubclass RestoreKeyRequestMessage

Represents the request message for the restore key.

System_CAPS_pubclass Secret

Represents a Secret consisting of a value and ID.

System_CAPS_pubclass SecretAttributes

Represents the attributes of a secret managed by the KeyVault service.

System_CAPS_pubclass SecretIdentifier

Represents the secret identifier.

System_CAPS_pubclass SecretItem

Represents a secret item.

System_CAPS_pubclass UnixEpoch

Represents the reference date used in timestamp that has a value of 00:00:00 UTC on January 1 1970.

System_CAPS_pubclass UpdateKeyRequestMessage

Updates the request message associated with the key.

System_CAPS_pubclass VerifyRequestMessage

Represents the verification of the request message.

System_CAPS_pubclass VerifyResponseMessage

Represents the verification of the response message.


Delegate Description
System_CAPS_pubdelegate KeyVaultClient.AuthenticationCallback

Represents the authentication callback delegate which is to be implemented by the client code.

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