InstanceManager.Cancel Method (String, String, String)


Cancels a specified workflow instance.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Workflow.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.Workflow.Client (in Microsoft.Workflow.Client.dll)


public WorkflowInstanceResult Cancel(
    string workflowName,
    string instanceName,
    string reason
WorkflowInstanceResult^ Cancel(
    String^ workflowName,
    String^ instanceName,
    String^ reason
member Cancel : 
        workflowName:string *
        instanceName:string *
        reason:string -> WorkflowInstanceResult
Public Function Cancel (
    workflowName As String,
    instanceName As String,
    reason As String
) As WorkflowInstanceResult


  • workflowName
    Type: System.String

    The name of the workflow to which the instance belongs.

  • instanceName
    Type: System.String

    The name of the workflow instance to be canceled.

  • reason
    Type: System.String

    Reason for canceling this workflow instance.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Activities.WorkflowInstanceResult

Returns a workflow instance object containing details about the canceled workflow instance.

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