Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.Monitoring.Metrics.Models Namespace



Class Description
System_CAPS_pubclass AvailabilityMetricSettingValue

The setting for Endpoint monitoring.

System_CAPS_pubclass EndpointConfig

The configuration to enable endpoint monitoring for a Url.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricAvailability

Metric availability specifies the time grain (aggregation interval) and the retention period for that timegrain.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricDefinition

Metric definition class specifies the metadata for a metric.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricDefinitionCollection

Represents collection of metric definitions.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricDefinitionListResponse

The List Metric Definitions operation response.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricSetting

A metric setting get response.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricSettingCollection

A metric setting list response collection.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricSettingListResponse

The list metric settings operation response.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricSettingsPutParameters

Parameters supplied to the Put Metric Settings operation.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricSettingValue

A metric setting get response.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricValue

Represents a metric value.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricValueListResponse

The List Metric values operation response.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricValueSet

A metric value set represents a set of metric values in a time period.

System_CAPS_pubclass MetricValueSetCollection

The collection of metric value sets.

System_CAPS_pubclass NameConfig

An availability metric name config.

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