IHadoopStorageClientBase.IgnoreSslErrors Property



This version of the HDInsight .NET SDK is deprecated and will be removed by January 1, 2017. You are encouraged to use the newer ARM-based version of HDInsight .NET SDK going forward. For instructions on how to use the new HDInsight .NET SDK to create a cluster, see Create HDInsight Linux clusters using .NET SDK. For instructions on how to submit jobs using the new .NET SDK and other approaches, see Submit jobs to an HDInsight cluster. The HDInsight SDK reference for the newer version is available at HDInsight .NET SDK Reference.

Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not SSL errors should be ignored.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Hadoop.Client.HadoopStorageClientLayer
Assembly:  Microsoft.Hadoop.Client (in Microsoft.Hadoop.Client.dll)


bool IgnoreSslErrors { get; set; }
property bool IgnoreSslErrors {
    bool get();
    void set(bool value);
abstract IgnoreSslErrors : bool with get, set
Property IgnoreSslErrors As Boolean

Property Value

Type: System.Boolean

true if the SSL errors should be ignored; otherwise, false.

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