Operations on Virtual Machines


The Service Management API includes operations for managing the Virtual Machines in your subscription.

In this section

Add Data Disk

Add Disk

Add DNS Server

Add Load Balancer

Add OS Image

Add Role

Add Virtual IP Address

Capture Role

Capture VM Image

Create Virtual Machine Deployment

Create VM Image

Delete Data Disk

Delete Disk

Delete DNS Server

Delete Load Balancer

Delete OS Image

Delete Role

Delete Virtual IP Address

Delete VM Image

Download RDP File

Get Data Disk

Get Disk

Get IP Forwarding for Network Interface

Get IP Forwarding for Role

Get Role

List Disks

List OS Images

List Resource Extensions

List Resource Extension Versions

List VM Images

Redeploy role

Restart role

Set IP Forwarding for Network Interface

Set IP Forwarding for Role

Shutdown Role

Shutdown Roles

Start Role

Start Roles

Update Data Disk

Update Disk

Update DNS Server

Update Load Balancer

Update Load-Balanced Endpoint Set

Update OS Image

Update Role

Update VM Image