read function


Invoked when a table is queried.


function read(query, user, request) { }


  • query
    Type: object

    The Query object that represents a query against the table, with any filters, projections, or other predicates specified by the client already applied.

  • user
    Type: object

    The user object that represents an authenticated user when authentication is required, otherwise undefined.

  • request
    Type: object

    The request object that represents the request for the operation.

Return Value

Type: undefined 

When the query operation succeeds, a response with 200 HTTP status code is returned along with the results of the query, or an empty body if no items are selected.


You can make additional changes to the behavior of the query in your script before to you call the execute method on the request object.

When the client does not specify the number of records to return, a default limit of 50 is set by the service.

You can override the default success and error behaviors. For more information, see Mobile Services JavaScript (Node.js) backend library

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