Tutorial: Remove Azure resources


The preview of Azure Service Fabric Mesh has been retired. New deployments will no longer be permitted through the Service Fabric Mesh API. Support for existing deployments will continue through April 28, 2021.

For details, see Azure Service Fabric Mesh Preview Retirement.

This tutorial is part five of a series and shows you how to delete the app and its resources so that you don't get charged for them.

In this tutorial you learn how to:

  • Clean up the resources used by the app so that you are not incurring a charge for them.

In this tutorial series you learn how to:

Service Fabric Mesh is currently in preview. Previews are made available to you on the condition that you agree to the supplemental terms of use. Some aspects of this feature may change prior to general availability (GA).


Before you begin this tutorial:

Clean up resources

This is the end of the tutorial. When you are done with the resources you have created, delete them so that you are not charged for resources you are no longer using. This is particularly important because Mesh is a serverless service that bills per second. To learn more about Mesh pricing, check out https://aka.ms/sfmeshpricing.

One of the conveniences that Azure provides is that when you create resources that are associated to a particular resource group, deleting the resource group deletes all of the associated resources. That way you don't have to delete them one by one.

Since you created a new resource group to create the to-do app, you can safely delete this resource group, which will delete all of the associated resources.

az group delete --resource-group sfmeshTutorial1RG
Remove-AzureRmResourceGroup -Name sfmeshTutorial1RG

Alternatively, you can delete the sfmeshTutorial1RG resource group from the portal.

Next steps

Now that you have completed publishing a Service Fabric Mesh application to Azure, try the following: