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Service Provider Foundation and Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server provide a way to declare new gallery items that are used in the Windows Azure Pack user interface. Currently, virtual machine roles (VM roles) are the only type of gallery item that is supported. Virtual machine roles define a virtual machine resource that tenants can instantiate and scale according to their requirements.

Virtual machine role definitions

Two major components make up the definition of a VM role, the resource definition (RESDEF) and the resource extension (RESEXT), which are both JSON files. The RESDEF definition describes the virtual machine hardware and instantiation restrictions, while the RESEXT definition describes how a resource should be provisioned, for example, by using a SQL database or by using specific operating system settings.

Another JSON file is the view definition (VIEWDEF), which provides Windows Azure Pack details about how to let the user customize the creation of a virtual machine role through a user interface.

The RESDEF, RESEXT, and VIEWDEF files are contained in a package, along with other files that describe the entire virtual machine role. For more information about the virtual machine roles in general, see http://aka.ms/vmroles.

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After virtual machine role definitions are added to the gallery, they can be iterated. You can use individual gallery items to create new virtual machine role instances.

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Virtual machine role instances

The JSON object model of a virtual machine role instance is very similar to the definition. However, when a virtual machine role instance is created, more properties are added to the object model to represent the status of the instance.

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