Administrator and Tenant User Interface Controllers


Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

Controllers are modules that the user interface extensions depend on to talk to the Service Management API layer. The controllers contain information about the REST API calls that are supported by the Resource Provider and are responsible for making the calls to the Service Management API layer.

The reason for having Controllers is closely tied to the Security Model implemented in Windows Azure Pack. The Service Management REST API layer does not accept incoming requests from external clients. This model allows only clients from the same website to interact with the Service Management API. Hence, the presence of a controller within the Portals is required for user interface extensions to talk to the lower elements in the stack.

The Windows Azure Pack administrator and tenant controllers should be designed using the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4 design framework. The Administrator controller is responsible for creating and updating the custom resource provider information by way of the service management REST API. This is the approach taken using the Hello World sample.

The administrator and tenant controllers should be place into /bin folder of the respective portals.

For more information about creating MVC 4 applications, see ASP.NET MVC 4

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