Debugging a Windows Azure Pack Management Portal Extension


Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

Debug mode for the various Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server sites can be enabled by unencrypting and editing the site’s web.config file. To enable debug mode for debugging the Windows Azure Pack management portal for administrators and the management portal for tenants, the administrator site and tenant sites require these changes.

Enabling Debug Mode

To Enable Debug Mode

  1. Start the Windows Azure Pack PowerShell command line by selecting Start and then starting Windows Azure Pack Configuration PowerShell.

  2. Unencrypt the AdminSite and TenantSiteweb.config files with the following PowerShell Commands:

    Unprotect-MgmtSvcConfiguration adminsite
    Unprotect-MgmtSvcConfiguration tenantsite
  3. Enable debug mode by adding the following app setting to the <appSettings> section of both the AdminSite and TenantSiteweb.config files.

    <add key="Microsoft.Azure.Portal.Configuration.PortalConfiguration.DevelopmentMode"       value="true" />
  4. Debug the extension JavaScript using F12 Developer Tools. For more information, see Debug the server controller with the Visual Studio debugger by attaching the debugger to w3wp.exe for either the admin (IIS APPPOOL\MgmtSvc-AdminSite) or tenant (IIS APPPOOL\MgmtSvc-TenantSite) site process.

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