How to Apply a Windows Azure Pack Management Portal for Tenants Custom Theme


Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

A sample theme kit is provided with the Windows Azure Pack developer kit that demonstrates areas of the tenant portal that can be customized. The Contoso theming kit shows images and styles consistent with the branding of an imaginary hosting company named Contoso. The following instructions show how to apply the Contoso theming kit to the management portal for tenants in a test Windows Azure Pack environment.

How to Apply the Contoso Custom Theme to the Windows Azure Pack Management Portal for Tenants

  1. Logon to the computer where you have deployed the Windows Azure Pack management Portal for tenants.

  2. From the Contoso Theming Kit, copy the contents of the Content folder from Contoso-Theming-Kit\MgmtSvc-TenantSite\Content and paste them into the Content folder of the management portal for tenants installation. Typically the management portal for tenants Content folder is located at C:\inetpub\MgmtSvc-TenantSite\Content. Overwrite any pre-existing files in the Content folder.

  3. On the computer where the Tenant Portal is installed, open Management Service Configuration PowerShell to launch the Management Service Configuration PowerShell command prompt.

  4. Run the cmdlet Unprotect-MgmtSvcConfiguration "tenantsite".

  5. In Notepad, open web.config and replace the value of Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Server.PortalBranding with the custom branding:

    Before:<add key="Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Server.PortalBranding" value="Service Management" />

    After:<add key="Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Server.PortalBranding" value="Cloud Complete” />


The IIS site will need to be restarted. This is covered in the next step, How to Apply a Windows Azure Pack Authorization Site Custom Theme.

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