Implementing a Windows Azure Pack Management Portal Client-Side Extension


Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

The Hello World sample provides a sample implementation of client-side Windows Azure Pack management portal extension as part of a sample custom provider implementation. The management portal for administrators extension demonstrates how to configure the custom provider whilst the management portal for tenants portal extension shows how tenants can manage custom resource provider resources.

In Visual Studio the Microsoft.WAP.Samples.HelloWorld.AdminExtension and Microsoft.WAP.Samples.HelloWorld.TenantExtension solutions provide the sample extensions for the tenant and administrator management portals respectively. There is also common code for the admin and tenant extensions in Microsoft.WAP.Samples.HelloWorld.Common. The other solutions are for the custom resource provider and setup.


For debugging purposes, it is recommended that the client-side and server-side user interface extensions are built in the same Visual Studio web project.

Windows Azure Pack Visual Studio Project

Tenant and Admin Extension Layout

The key elements of the Visual Studio project for management portal for administrators and management portal for tenants client-side extensions are:


The common project Microsoft.WAP.Samples.HelloWorld.Common provides the following functionality:

  • Provides the base class ExtensionController definition that is inherited by the admin and tenant Site controller extension.

  • ExtensionController provides common functionality to convert data into JSON and send it to a portal.

  • Provides a unified way of sending errors to portals.


The setup project Microsoft.WAP.Samples.HelloWorld.Setup creates an MSI installer that installs the entire custom resource provider including the client-side extension to an existing Windows Azure Pack installation. For more information, see Deploying a Windows Azure Pack Management Portal Extension.

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