Service Management API and Service Provider Foundation URLs


Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

The Service Management API is the service endpoint that Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server and API uses for resource providers. The IaaS resource provider endpoint forwards and validates calls to Service Provider Foundation. When an HTTP request is made to the Service Management API service, part of the URI includes the current subscription identifier. The subscription is validated, which is based on the current authenticated user for the HTTP request, such as a tenant or self-service user. After the subscription is validated, the HTTP request is channeled through Service Management API to the Service Provider Foundation endpoint, and the HTTP response is channeled back through Service Management API to the client. Because Service Management API validates the connection credentials and subscription information, but forwards the requests to Service Provider Foundation, the URI for any resource Service Provider Foundation provides is almost identical to a standard Service Provider Foundation URI.

Service Management API compared to Service Provider Foundation

  • https://{server-name}:{auth-port}/{subscription-id}/services/systemcenter/{provider-service}/...
    Service Management API Service URI Example

  • https://{spf-server-name}:8090/SC2012/{provider-service}/{subscription-id}/Microsoft.Management.Odata.svc/...
    Service Provider Foundation Service URI Example

The server-name and port placeholders can be different for each service endpoint depending on where the services were installed and how they were configured. The at the end of each URI is to illustrate that whatever else you do with the OData service would be the same for both service URIs. For example, to get a specific virtual machine, the request URI for each service is:

  • https://contoso:30006/851b212e-404b-4450-baa7-1d902e701cd9/services/systemcenter/vmm/VirtualMachines(ID=guid'{4F65F29C-F749-4377-A1BB-C44386A182B1}',StampId=guid'{5FABC67B-79CE-41A1-88F8-EED8EADD6C9B}')
    Service Management API service URI to get a specific virtual machine.

  • https://contoso:8090/SC2012/vmm/851b212e-404b-4450-baa7-1d902e701cd9/Microsoft.Management.Odata.svc/VirtualMachines(ID=guid'{4F65F29C-F749-4377-A1BB-C44386A182B1}',StampId=guid'{5FABC67B-79CE-41A1-88F8-EED8EADD6C9B}')
    Service Provider Foundation service URI to get a specific virtual machine.

With a URI for either service, you can easily convert to and from Service Management API and Service Provider Foundation URLs. When you use Service Management API URL, you must be able to specify a subscription identifier that has access to the resource that you use. This restriction does not apply to the Service Provider Foundation endpoint because it does not validate any subscription information, and the subscription segment of the URL can be removed.

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