Register the Web Sites Cloud and Add Front End, Web Worker, and Publisher Roles


Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

At this point you have installed the Web Sites Controller and specified a Management Server and a Web Sites runtime database Server. You have also specified a File Server and Certificate Share, and set some important credentials. Now you are ready to register the Web Site Cloud REST endpoint, after which you will install the Front End, Web Worker, and Publisher roles.


By this point you should have already provisioned servers or VMs for the remaining Web Sites roles. If you have not yet done so, see Create Servers for the Web Sites Roles.

Register the Web Site Cloud REST Endpoint

  1. Log into the server where you deployed the Windows Azure Pack Management Portal for Administrators.

  2. Launch the management portal (https://localhost:30091) if it is not already launched.

  3. Click Web Site Cloud, and then click Register your Web Site Cloud REST Endpoint.

  4. Enter the following information for the resource provider:

    Display name

    Enter a name to display in the management portal.

    Web Site Cloud REST Endpoint

    Enter the URL for the REST endpoint (for example, https:// <SitesRESTAPI>).

    User name

    Enter the user name that you specified when creating the Service Endpoint Credentials during Web Sites cloud controller installation.


    Enter the password that you specified when creating the Service Endpoint Credentials.

  5. Click the checkmark in the bottom right of the page to continue. When you receive a message indicating that registration was successful, close the message.

Set up the Front End

  1. Choose the cloud you created to open the Web Site cloud dashboard.

  2. Click Setup Frontend to setup the Front End role for the web site cloud.

  3. Enter the hostname or IP for the Front End (for example, SitesFE). Click the checkmark to continue.

  4. To create additional Front End instances, repeat these steps.

Add the Web Workers


You can add the Web Worker roles while the Front End is installing.

  1. Click Add Role at the bottom of the Web Site Cloud Quickstart page.

  2. Click Add New Web Worker. The Setup a new Web Worker dialog is displayed.

  3. Enter the name of the server that you created for your Shared (multitenant) Web Worker role (for example, SitesWWS1), select the Shared option, and then click the checkmark to continue.

  4. Repeat the process to create a Reserved (single tenant) Web Worker role.


    Ensure that at least two servers are configured to run the shared Web Worker role (one for Shared, and one for Reserved). Creation of a Web Site cloud without a server configured to run the Shared Web Worker role is not a supported configuration.

  5. To create additional Shared or Reserved workers, repeat the previous steps.

Add the Publisher

  1. Click Add Role and add the Publisher role. Enter the server name for the Publisher (for example, SitesPB1) and click the checkmark to continue.

  2. To add additional publishers, repeat the previous steps.

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