Capacity planning for API and management portal machines


Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack deployments can have a wide range of processing requirements. They depend on the services that are offered and the demand that is placed on them. The recommendations in this section ensure that your deployment is provisioned with enough resources to meet demand without wasting money on excess equipment.

Your goal for resource provisioning should be to avoid both under- and over-provisioning. Under-provisioning leads to lost opportunity and customer dissatisfaction. Over-provisioning leads to unused equipment and higher operation and investment costs.

The ideal scenario is to deploy Windows Azure Pack with precisely the minimum capacity to handle all client requests without wasting a cycle of excess capacity. However, this goal is not realistic because demand is unpredictable. Therefore, your deployment should be provisioned with some surplus capacity to handle occasional demand spikes.

This section provides recommendations for Windows Azure Pack management portals and APIs on virtual machines, detailed support information for testing that was used to develop these recommendations, and for capacity planning for other Windows Azure Pack components: