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 This option displays the COFF symbol table. Symbol tables exist in all object files. A COFF symbol table appears in an image file only if it is linked with /DEBUG.  
 The following is a description of the output for /SYMBOLS. Additional information on the meaning of /SYMBOLS output can be found by looking in winnt.h (IMAGE_SYMBOL and IMAGE_AUX_SYMBOL), or COFF documentation.  
 Given the following sample dump:  

Dump of file main.obj

000 00000000 DEBUG notype Filename | .file
002 000B1FDB ABS notype Static | @comp.id
003 00000000 SECT1 notype Static | .drectve
Section length 26, #relocs 0, #linenums 0, checksum 722C964F
005 00000000 SECT2 notype Static | .text
Section length 23, #relocs 1, #linenums 0, checksum 459FF65F, selection 1 (pick no duplicates)
007 00000000 SECT2 notype () External | _main
008 00000000 UNDEF notype () External | ?MyDump@@YAXXZ (void __cdecl MyDump(void))

String Table Size = 0x10 bytes


  26 .drectve  
  23 .text  
## Remarks  
 The following description, for lines that begin with a symbol number, describes columns that have information relevant to users:  
-  The first three-digit number is the symbol index/number.  
-  If the third column contains SECT*x*, the symbol is defined in that section of the object file. But if UNDEF appears, it is not defined in that object and must be resolved elsewhere.  
-  The fifth column (Static, External) tells whether the symbol is visible only within that object, or whether it is public (visible externally). A Static symbol, _sym, wouldn't be linked to a Public symbol _sym; these would be two different instances of functions named _sym.  
 The last column in a numbered line is the symbol name, both decorated and undecorated.  
 Only the [/HEADERS](../Topic/-HEADERS.md) DUMPBIN option is available for use on files produced with the [/GL](../Topic/-GL%20\(Whole%20Program%20Optimization\).md) compiler option.  
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