.NET and the WindowsMobile Class Library


The Microsoft.WindowsMobile class library is a set of .NET components that contain classes, enumerations, and delegates, that make up the managed part of the Windows Mobile SDK. The library is divided into component namespaces that group functionality into distinct feature sets that provide:

  • Access to the Windows Mobile device's system configuration, and its rich set of device management services,
  • An elegant approach to manipulating and extending the Outlook Mobile Personal Information Management (PIM) system, the contents of its PIM data store, and its PIM item processing services,
  • Dialogs for accessing camera features and picture management,
  • Control of the MAPI messaging subsystem and the communications resources it commands, access and manipulation of messaging items, as well as the means of creating new and novel message types — as well as new ways to consume them.

The WindowsMobile class library is designed to supplement the .NET Compact Framework class library, and provide the benefits of Rapid Application Development (RAD) for creating new mobile applications, and extending those that make up the Windows Mobile platform.

To use a WindowsMobile managed component, you must add a reference to it in your Visual Studio project, as illustrated in the following images.





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